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North Jaipur's largest world-class blood bank

Blood Bank with components (PRC, SDP, RDP, Plasma) in Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur
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SK Soni Blood bank organised a blood donation camp at panipech ka tiraha reserve Police Line on the 10th Sep, 2017. More than 54 units of blood were donated by various donors. Our thanks to the awesome donors and the organizers- Nitesh Jaloo ji from Yuwa Swarnkar Sewa Samaiti (YSS).
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Nice experience 😊
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Nice experience and services are prompt
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nice ambiance.
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About SK Soni Blood Bank & Blood Cancer

SK Soni Blood Bank is the largest blood bank in North Jaipur (Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jhotwara, Murlipura, Shastri Nagar etc.) established in 2005.

The blood bank offers all the latest technology in blood donation, blood collection, blood processing and blood transfer/issue. The Blood Bank is affiliated to Manipal Hospital and Soni Hospital, Jaipur both are N.A.B.H. accredited international standard health care hospitals. Therefore, the blood bank follows the highest standards in providing high quality blood components to patients.
The bank also follows the standards established by National Blood Transfusion Council and Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council.

Patient Safety and High Quality
The Blood bank offers 4th generation ELISA serology test processing for every component in addition to ensuring that each donor undergoes Anti-Body (AB) screening. We do blood grouping by semi-automated cross-matching with gel technology minimizing the chance of transfusion reactions and blood group discrepancies. We also do daily, weekly, monthly QC (Quality Control) checks of reagents, components and equipment. We separate the blood components in Laminar flow enclosure to minimize cross-infection. We minimize blood wastage with sterile blood connecting device. For dengue cases, we provide Single Donor Platelets (SDP) processed from industry standard Fresenius-Kabi machines.

In summary, our blood bank provides high quality and safe blood for patients suffering from all illnesses like dengue, malaria, cardio-thoracic surgery patients, ICU patients and any other patients.

Blood Services for Cancer Patients
Manipal Hospital is the first and presently only hospital to offer bone-marrow transplant to Cancer patients. Because of our affiliation to Manipal Hospital, we ensure that Leuco-Depleted Component (LDC) and NAT tested blood is specifically available for patients coming to SK Soni Blood Bank. 

Blood Bank Services
  1. Packed Red Cells (PRC)
  2. Platelet Concentrate (RDP)
  3. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  4. Single Donor Platelet (SDP)
  5. Whole Blood
  6. NAT Red Cells, NAT RDP, NAT FFP
  7. LDC  Red Cells, LDC RDP, LDC FFP
  8. NAT+LDC  Red Cells, RDP and FFP

We do not charge for blood, but have nominal charges for processing and testing components. Our testing and processing charges are regulated by the government in accordance with NBTC and RSBTC guidelines. 

About our organisation-SK Soni Charitable Trust 
SK Soni Charitable Trust was established by our chairman Dr. Bimal Roy Soni in the memory of his father the Late Shri Surendra Kumar Soni (1925-2002). Late Shri S.K. Soni ji was the founder of Soni Hospitals and devoted his last years to providing health services to society. He convinced Dr. B.R. Soni come back from Canada in 1984 to establish Soni Hospital in 1986. He also arranged loans from notable Jaipur industrialists to finance the hospital.

Dr. Soni established SK Soni Blood Bank to ensure that high-quality blood services are available to the needy. Every minute one individual in Rajasthan needs a unit of blood component. Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous donors. 

Accidents, premature babies, major surgeries require Whole blood, where your blood after testing is used directly. Trauma, Anemia, other surgeries requires only RBC, which is separated from your blood. The procedure of splitting blood components is called Cytapheresis. Similarly Platelets are used for Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy, Dengue fever, etc. Fresh frozen plasma is used for patients having massive Transfusions, Plasma is used for Burns and Cryoprecipitate is used for Hemophilia.

Blood is regulatory in hospitals and in times of emergency and can only be stored for a finite time. Red blood cells can be stored for approx. 42 days, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate for a year and platelets(RDP) for 5 days. Single Donor Platelets(SDP) cannot be stored for more than a few hours.

See details on World Health Organisation (WHO) website:

Organizing Blood Donation Camps
Organizing blood donation camps is the best method to fulfill the demand of blood. It is a way for everyone wants to contribute to society and save lives. 

We welcome any initiative to organize camps and welcome you if your are interested. You, as a camp organizer, are giving everyone a chance to do so. Organize these camps regularly and bring smiles to many faces. 😊

Please contact us (Call/WhatsApp/SMS) on +91-9116018787 and call our landline on 0141-2232555. You can also email 

The following steps are required to organize a blood donation camp:
  1. Find a venue or location:  We can organize the camp in a college, hotel, corporate office and residential area. If you cannot find a properly ventilated location inside the building, we can also help you organize a camp outside in a bus/van
  2. Confirm a date: We need a week's notice to organize a camp and the camp itself required 3-5 days of publicity-sometimes more.  
  3. Publicity and Communication:  the camp must be publicized in various ways possible- social media, online mailing, posters and standees. We have a collection of posters and standees, which will help you out in this process. We can also organize an awareness session if required.
  4. Camp Day: We bring our trained technologists and nurses to organize the camp. But it is important to have local volunteers to coordinate. Together, before the start our staff and the volunteers shall help in arranging the venue. We will plan out the decorations such that the donor feels special while donating blood at the camp. There are also certain requirements on camp day such as water, electricity supply, tables, etc., which we will inform you beforehand. We shall also provide refreshments to all donors. All donors also get a card which can be used to get blood without replacement at the SK Soni Blood Bank
  5. Post-Camp: If completed, Well done for organizing a blood damp successfully!!! But it is not yet over, we must reach out to all donors thanking them for donating blood and asking them for the feedback on the camp. This will help us judge how successful the camp was and what all needs to be worked upon for future blood donation camps.

About the Trust
S.K. Soni Charitable Trust has the following Trustees:
  1. Dr. Bimal Roy Soy, son of Late Shri S.K. Soni and Chief Trustee
  2. Dr. Shri Raj Kumar Soni, brother of Late Shri S.K. Soni
  3. Mr. Mohit Soni grandson of Late Shri S.K. Soni
  4. Mr. Namit Soni grandson of Late Shri S.K. Soni  
  5. Mahaveer Prasad Yadav, CEO (retired SBBJ Officer), looks after the day to day operations of the Blood Bank

Our staff is very hard-working, dedicated and provides a personal touch to patients.

एस. के. सोनी रक्त बैंक और रक्त के कैंसर के बारे में 
एस. के. सोनी रक्त बैंक उत्तर जयपुर (विद्याधर नगर, झोठेवाड़ा, मुरलीपुरा, शास्त्री नगर आदि) का सबसे बड़ा रक्त बैंक है।

एस. के. सोनी रक्त बैंक नवीनतम एवं अंतररास्ट्रीय तकनीक द्वारा रक्तदान, रक्त संग्रह, रक्त प्रसंस्करण और रक्त हस्तांतरण / मुद्दा की सेवाएँ प्रदान करता है। हमारा रक्त बैंक मणिपाल अस्पताल, जयपुर व सोनी अस्पताल, जयपुर (दोनों एनएबीएच अस्पताल) से सम्बंधित है । चूँकि यह अस्पताल मान्यता प्राप्त अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तिरे के हैं इसलिए, रक्त बैंक रोगियों को उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले रक्त सेवाएँ  प्रदान करने के उच्चतम मानकों का पालन करता है।
यह रक्त बैंक नेशनल ब्लड ट्रान्सफ्यूजन काउंसिल और राजस्थान स्टेट ब्लड ट्रांसफ्यूजन काउंसिल द्वारा स्थापित मानकों का भी पालन करता है।

रक्त सेवा में रोगी सुरक्षा और उच्चतम गुणवत्ता
हम रक्त बैंक के हर डोनर की ट्री-बॉडी (एबी) स्क्रीनिंग करते हैं और रोगी को खून देने से पहले  4 पीढ़ी की एलिसा सेरोलॉजी टेस्ट करके प्रदान करते है। हम ब्लड ग्रुपिंग अर्ध-स्वचालित क्रॉस-मिलान एवं जैल टेक्नोलॉजी द्वारा करते हैं, इससे ट्रान्सफ्यूज़न रिएक्शन की दुर्घटना कम होती हैं । हम क्वालिटी कण्ट्रोल (गुणवत्ता नियंत्रण) की जांच भी रोज़, हर हफ्ते और हर महीने करते हैं। हम इन्फेक्शन(संक्रमण) को कम करने के लिए लामिनार फ्लो इस्तमाल करते हैं। हम खून का नुक़सान कम करने के लिए स्टेराइल ब्लड कनेक्ट डिवाइस का उपयोग करते हैं। 

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